Founded in 2016, PHYA is a new high-fashion accessories brand embodying the unique and elegant sentiments of Thai craftsmanship and timeless design.

All products are made from premium-quality materials carefully selected and crafted by experienced artisans.

PHYA’s founder and Creative & Design Director, Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon, has a 25-year experiences in financial industry. Working as an investment banker and a financial advisor requires her to look credible. In order to success, she needs to get familiar with high-fashion brands and luxury goods. Therefore, little by little, Jirayong has developed her own passion toward luxuriousness, especially leather goods. In 2016, Jirayong decided to launch ‘PHYA’, a luxury brand, with her own design.

“I want Thai brands to be recognised globally. I truly believe in ‘quality’. PHYA’s design consists of the authenticity of each and every materials, as well as the invaluable experiences from veteran artisans.” – Jirayong Anuman-Rajadhon.

Growing up in noble intellectual family, Jirayong strongly support Women’s empowerment. For her, the ideal female leaders or PHYAs means the successful ladies with confident, courage and charisma. She must be the one that every women look up to. Being PHYA, being a leader.